Hi guys,

I'm posting here having a few questions about how to be a legal driver in Beijing.
I've read many thread/articles about this, but still no way to have a clear answer to my questions.

I've recently bought a scooter in BJ (R9, 150cc, 3kRMB, usual cheap crap bike, anyway), and I have to admit that I used to drive it illegally (with a fake A plate that I got for 150RMB with the license card and everything). However, this situation doesn't suits me. Not because I had troubles with police (never see any policeman trying to stop me after 5,000km+ riding in Beijing), but just because it's a way too unsafe.

So yeah, I have a few questions, but first here is what I have:
- where and for how much can I get a E driving license? How long does it usually take, and what would I have to do? (assuming I don't speak Chinese)
- after 6 months riding a bike in Beijing, I kindof know the circulation rules, it shouldn't be hard to pass an exam, I don't really need driving lessons (or at least I'd like to try without)
- I have a French car driving license, bot sure it would help in anyway though, but could be cool if I can have a Chinese one as well
- About the plate .... a A plate costs 20k ... it's really expensive, but anyway, let's suppose I find the money, where can I get one for a good price? and is it possible to sell it at some point? what about a B plate? is it possible to buy it from someone/sell it?
- If I want to change bike after registration, how much does it cost and how can I transfer a plate from a bike to another?

I think I'm done with my questions. That's really weird I've never found all those details clearly exposed ... guess things changes all the time ... This Is China ;)