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  1. #1 Honda to re-release their z50! 
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    Apparently, Honda is sick and tired of everyone making money off their original design and are bringing back their old classic, the z50 "monkey bike"

    Fuel-injected, too! Kinda pricey, but everyone in Japan is rich, so this will be kids' stuff!!
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    That's sweet! AT 282mpg efficiency at 19mph, the black and silver one will make it look like you're going at least 25 or so!


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    A shop in the UK ( has marketed the range of genuine Monkey, Ape, and even the classic Cub for years. Apparently Honda has been making these in small batches (2000 units) for many years. They're not fuel-injected, however.

    Prices range from 1195 to 2494 ($1744-$3640)

    The same shop also markets examples of Jincheng and Skyteam monkeys costing around 695 ($1000).

    In my experience the Jincheng models are basically very good, surprisingly well finished and completely indistinguishable from the genuine article. The usual parts are inferior, but this only applies to the spark plug, speedo, kill switch, inner tubes on tyres,etc. Easily and cheaply uprated. I've got two of these, model JC50q-7, replicas of the Z50J and are happy with them. The lack of performance (2.5 bhp), is easily cured with some of the many tuning options available. In some ways the Chinese ones are better, disc brake and telescopic forks, for example.

    Here's some of the genuine brand-new Honda models:

    The cute "Ape":

    The classic Z50:

    The original Cub, over 60 million made and reckoned to be the toughest, most successful vehicle in History:

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