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    C-Moto Noob
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    Aug 2016
    Millbrook, Cornwall. Originally Plymouth
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    C-Moto Senior
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    Nov 2015
    Wolverhampton, UK
    me, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, originally from Manchester
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    Sep 2016
    Edinburgh at the minute
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    Jul 2014
    Hey, i have something for you!
    My biker klub has now an UK chapter.

    Here, on facebook:

    " It doesn’t matter what you drive….
    It can be anything. If „this something” has two wheels
    And engine it means it has everything!
    You don’t need extraordinary things to feel a real
    motorcyclist and feel happiness from your passion.
    That is the way of life and feel of freedom….."

    Peter Fonda

    Chinese Motorcicle Club was found in 2008 in Poland as independent formation of associates owners and sympathics chinese motorcycles. However there is no restrictions in having motorcycles. Repeatedly for most of us the first motorcycle was vehicle made beyond Big Wall. Some of us still have chinese motorcycle, others change their equipment for those made beyond China. Nevertheless we are all joined together by shared passion : driving motorcycle, traveling altogether, tours altogether or rallies organised by the Club.
    KCM UK Chapter was create in favour of our Management for our – members of club – request, those who emigrated to Great Britain. The aim of UK Chapter is this what is joining us together from the moment of foundation of the Club – love to motorcycles, connection between friendship and diffusion that what is the most beautiful – motorcycle tourism.
    We are open for everybody, no matter of possessions, who want to share with ones passion, share with expiriences, explore new, interesting places, etc, etc…. thus everything what compares with motorcycle’s adventrure. We are pleased to meet compatriot living in UK, as well as other citizens of this beautiful country.
    We are inviting everyone to our Internet Forum - Chinese Motorcycle Club, where you can find technical adivces, descriptions of travels, rallies, where you could share with your knowledge and meet magnificent friends.

    We will help foreigners in translation of all information needed.

    We are please to meet you in KCM UK Cgapter
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