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  1. #41 Re: CFMoto 650TR muffler upgrade 
    Senior C-Moto Guru Kennon's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    some cats are in the muffler my Supermoto had the cat just before the muffler which severely messed up the gas flow was so glad to change the silencer so the system was flowing correctly and making all the right noises would not of passed a MOT though.

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  2. #42 Re: CFMoto 650TR muffler upgrade 
    Senior C-Moto Guru euphonius's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    mostly Shanghai, sometimes northern California
    There's definitely a major cost saving to the factory from omitting the catalytic converter on bikes destined for markets that don't have strict (Euro3) emissions standards.

    How do I know this? Someone stole the converter out from under my Toyota 4Runner in California, and it turns out there's a whole ecosystem of catalytic converter shops to replace the tens of thousands that are stolen each year. In an earlier post, ZMC888 noted that that a converter contains platinum and rhodium to convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. Don't know how much rhodium costs but did you say platinum? That sells for $1400 an ounce. Crackheads, tweakers and other low-lifes prowl through neighborhoods crawling under cars and trucks -- sometimes even carrying battery-powered angle grinders -- nicking converters and taking them to the Oakland waterfront where they can sell them for $20 or $30 to guys who probably send them to China to extract the platinum.

    I drove my now-extremely-loud 4Runner to a place called The Cat House in San Rafael and had to shell out $400 for a new converter. The guy was doing scores of these a day -- all of them post-theft replacements. A whole business driven by theft! I have to say, the thought did occur to me that the thieves could save a lot of trouble -- and perhaps do -- by selling the stolen converters directly to this guy. Anyway, I insisted the guy weld my presumably "new" converter in place, rather than just bolting it in for the next tweaker to unbolt. And I demanded one of their Cat House t-shirts.

    2010 JH600 "Merkin Muffley" (in Shanghai)
    2000 KLR650 "Feezer Ablanalp" (in California)
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    Sep 2016
    I want to add the ixil hyper flow to my Cfmoto 650nk 2017.
    Will the slip on for the er6n on eBay fit if I remove the cat converter
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