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  1. #1 To bikers in Sichuan (question about driver's license) 
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    Hi China bike-community,

    I'm currently trying to acquire a motorcycle driver's license in Chengdu without a driver's license in any country. First I was told that this was impossible and that it's incredibly dangerous to ride here. The last one is absolutely true, as I've seen situations where the only outcome should have been a fresh human-roadkill. Call me stupid, but I still want to drive a motorcycle in this amazing country.

    After a lot of research (many many weeks) I found out that it IS possible to get a license in China from scratch. I have to learn how to ride, do the road and computer test etc etc etc to get it. After calling every driving school in Chengdu with a Chinese friend I now know that foreigners can only do the tests, but can't apply for the lessons. They even advised me to just do the test without learning how to ride. As I just said: you can call me stupid, but not retarded. I really want and need some lessons.

    This is where I have to ask a question to riders in or near Chengdu: Is there someone willing to teach me how to ride? Of course I'll pay for this service.
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    fuck off
    I am rather knowledgable in the Chengdu market and I've been looking how guys here can do license testing etc with no luck apart from out if the city, add me?

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