I was just directed to Roketa's site the other day, and they offer some way cool bikes now. They picked up Asiawing's Spark 500 and 450 dirt bike. They picked up Xingyue's 400cc bikes as shown by Jim from his Coast to Coast catalog pages on that thread.

Out of curiosity, I wrote an email directly to Xingyue inquiring as to their wholesale prices, and got a response directly from Xingyue. (Roketa wants one to be a committed brick and mortar dealer, selling a minimum of blah blah blah). Of course the bikes are FOB Ningbo, so have to add in shipping. A small container can hold 15 bikes, while a large one can hold 30. Adding up the prices, with container shipping, I am getting a mental figure of approx. $2700/bike for the dirt bikes, and about $2500 for the adventure-touring type bikes. These prices will include shipping to a US residence from the container.