On another forum, a dealer went to the Indy show and took lots of photos. One photo took me by surprise--the CPI SM 250. Several years ago, on that other site, someone posted a link to CPI USA, and especially their 250 (actually, 230cc) enduro. It would have been one of the first larger displacement Chinese (Taiwanese) bikes.

It never seemed to arrive in the US. The old site is still there, showing the same 250 enduro, and a 50cc motard which apparently sells or sold in Europe for that popular class of bikes, as there are some youtube videos of it in action.

I do know that their way different looking ladder-frame type scooter sold here, and that CPI's scooters are supposed to be very top notch.

I Googled around for the SM250, and voila, it seems they have a new distributor located in Oakland, Cal. Prominently displayed is a SM 50 Euro-spec model passing off as the 250. Looks promising, and puts a new motard/enduro (I think an enduro is supposed to follow) of higher quality on our shore, to compete with Qingqi's (Qlink's) XF200 and Pitster Pros/Puzey's XTR 250. Bring it on!!