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  1. #1 Air in Tires CFMOTO JET-MAX250 CF250T-6A 2011 
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    The tires on my CFMOTO JET-MAX 250 2011 MAX PSI is 40PSI
    What should the front be and what should the back be
    FRONT PSI=_______
    REAR PSI=_______
    I now have 8000 miles on my scooter. The scooter is in storage for our Minnesota winter.
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    CFMOTO JET-MAX 250 CF250T-6a 2011 A very good scooter all around.
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  2. #2 Re: Air in Tires CFMOTO JET-MAX250 CF250T-6A 2011 
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    If you ride the bike with rider only, no heavy gear under the seat, or a topbox loaded and if you are running the standard CST tubeless low profile radials then:

    Front: 250 Kpa = 1.72 bar = ~36.5 psi (cold)
    Rear: 280 Kpa = 1.93 bar = ~40.5 psi (cold)

    However if you ride the scoot with different tyre combinations, and/or loaded with a pillion, and/or heavy load under the seat, and/or top-box loaded etc., then the pressures need to be increased several psi to compensate.

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