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  1. #11 Re: CFMOTO to pay $725,000 EPA fine for importing non-certified vehicles 
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    @650TR Rider So sorry to hear about your misfortune.

    I was recently in Canada and noticed that CFMOTO is now selling the two 650s.

    The 650NK at $7,200 Canadian, which is about 41,500 rmb:

    and the 650TK at $8,200 Canadian, which is about 46,500 rmb:

    A couple of comments:

    1) Those Canadian import prices are comparable to the prices found in the domestic Chinese marketplace, VERY unlike the Chinese prices for the bikes imported into China; and,
    2) The CFMOTO bikes will have a very difficult time competing with other bikes in the 650cc class, such as the V-Strom (with the current year's model sold for around $7,999, and the prior year models on close-out for $6,999, or less).

    It seems that CFMOTO, in Canada, is focusing more on ATVs. But again, CFMOTO's ATV prices are comparable to the ATVs offered by more well-known brands out of Japan, the USA and Canada.

    As bikerdoc notes, back in Canada I would not give CFMOTO any consideration. Maybe at half the price ... hmmmm, probably not even at half the price, because bikes are not a major expense in Canada. Even premier bikes in Canada are "affordable" (e.g., a brand new 2013 Pikes Peak works out to about 100,000 rmb on clearance, versus at least 350,000 rmb in China). And plates are only $25 ... and there are no silly motorcycle regulations ... and people are courteous drivers. Ah, I could go on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 650TR Rider View Post
    avoid any Chinese motorbikes like the plague...
    It is a shame you had to go through that, considering the CFMoto bikes are not necessarily priced far lower than comparable big brand prices!

    I like the idea of low, low cost basic transportation. I can get a TMEC 200 Enduro for about the cost of a down payment on the Honda CRF250 dual sport available in the US. 50cc scooters in many states can be used by people without a driver's license (i.e. those who have lost their license for drinking and driving, etc) and can be had for about $650 US. That is what attracted me to these bikes in the first place. They are not as 'awful' as many posts try to portray them, but they are not Hondas by any means!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerdoc View Post
    Why do you want to import a CF650TR/TK?

    If you want to import a single unit, look at other brands. If you're considering an import dealer/distributor concept, then PM me and I'll put you in touch with CFMoto, (but not before some advice).

    If you are seriously looking for a sport tourer to buy for yourself, why not consider the Kawasaki ER-6F made in Thailand, Thailand being part of ASEAN group and located within the Asian region you might find that there are better import policies and tax breaks in place. Comparing CFMoto with say, Kawasaki, then the latter is an altogether way better product IMO. The only reason I have bought 3 CFMoto products (and still own 2 of the 3), is simply because many of the alternatives in PRC are ridiculously expensive, and more importantly most of the imported models still represent a compromise on the model(s) I really want. I've only suggested you consider the Kwaka ER-6F since that is the closest model made in Thailand that resembles a sport tourer even though it doesn't have the panniers as the CF650TR/TK does, however the Honda CBR500 also is a consideration in this category too IMO.

    There are other altogether more reliable makes and models also made in Thailand that are worth considering e.g. Kawasaki KLE650 (Versys), Honda CBR500, CB500F, CB500X (my personal favourite after having ridden a CB500X over 15000km in NW Thailand for 7 weeks earlier this year). There was also discussion going on in the motorcycle fraternity about Kawasaki's plans to have the KLR650 built in Thailand starting this year, though this is not confirmed AFAIK.

    My point is that outside of PRC and a few other third world countries where brand barriers exist, I wouldn't give CFMoto or any of the PRC motorcycle manufacturers a second look, actually they wouldn't even be given a cursory glance sideways, but that's my opinion. Oh and I don't discriminate, I apply that fundamental view-point across all product ranges, not just motorcycles (where possible). I'd advise you to reconsider a CFMoto if you have the option to buy a Jap bike, do so. Generally it's likely to be more reliable, serviceable, have better dealer and part support, brand awareness and resale value. The CFMoto will be a bit hit-and-miss on all these fronts.

    I have bought my 650 TK new in Feb 2014. Have ridden nearly 11,000km with daily commuting. It has several visits to the dealer to fix the radiator fan not working (loose connection / fuse) plus the 12V socket not working. The seat mounting is too loose and the dealer has affixed it incorrectly missing one of the mounting catch. It has bend the hook so will get them to take a look and make warranty claim.

    My model has the updated instruments with clock and tripmeter, Continental Road Attack 2 tyres, J Juan brakes and steel braided brake lines, 12V socket and locking clips on the panniers. It does not have the extended windscreen and still has the short side stand.

    Apart from that, it has not missed a beat and it has proven reliable mechanically. I was looking at 8 years old Honda ST1300 before settling on new CFMoto 650TK.
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