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  1. #1 International motorcycle brands: Thailand vs. PR China MSRP 
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    FWIW, Major international motorcycle brands available in Thailand that are legally available in PR China, pricing comparison. On a side note, I was interested to see that the KTM-CFmoto Duke 200 & 390 models are being sold in India for a lot less than what the MSRP are here. KTM Dike 390 is about 190,000 India Rupee which equates to 19,000 CNY, yet the prices here are near enough 50,000 CNY. This is not a comparison of makes and models available in other markets, but rather solely what is being offered in Thailand and the make/models MSRP versus the same make/model as available LEGALLY in PRC.

    Check out some of the official legal PRC pricing... especially Honda, note the CTX700 is only 99000 CNY and the 500cc Honda's are well priced for PRC. The BMW MSRP also continues to slide downward with the introduction of BMW Motorrad China in 2013. Before any one runs out the door to secure their BMW though it's worth reading...> BMW thoughts

    Honda MSRP comparison

    CTX700DE (DCT) 406000 THB (~77,583 CNY) price of 116,800 CNY China +51%
    CTX700NE (MT) 349000 THB (~66,691 CNY) price of 99,600 CNY China +49%
    CBR650F 300000 THB (~57,329 CNY)
    CB650F 285000 THB (~54,662 CNY)
    CBR500R ABS 210000 THB (~40,129 CNY) Chinese price 70,800 CNY (no ABS version) +77%
    CB500F ABS 205000 THB (~39,174 CNY) Chinese price 68,800 CNY (no ABS version) +76%
    CB500X ABS 215000 THB (~41,085 CNY)
    CBR300 ABS 144400 THB (~27,400 CNY) Chinese price 35,800 CNY
    CBR1000RR-TRI 645000 THB (~123,257 CNY)
    CBR1000RR-REPSOL 659000 THB (~125,932 CNY)
    CBR1000RR 635000 THB (~121,346 CNY)
    VFR1200F (DCT) 810000 THB (~154,785 CNY) price of 238,000 CNY China +54%
    NC700X (DCT) 375000 THB (~71,661 CNY)
    NC700D (DCT) Integra 405000 THB (~77,393 CNY)
    NC700S Chinese price 99,800
    GOLDWING 1390000 THB (~265,623 CNY)
    Honda Motorcycle China official website
    Honda Motorcycle Thailand official website

    Kawasaki MSRP comparison

    NINJA 300 ABS 182500 THB (~34,875 CNY) price of 42,000 CNY China +20%
    ER-6F full fairing 650 (ABS) 291000 THB (~55,609 CNY) price of 79,500 CNY China +43%
    ER-6N (ABS) 275000 THB (~52,535 CNY) price of 69,500 CNY China +42%
    KLE650 Versys ABS 313000 THB (~59,795 CNY) price of 83,500 CNY China +42% available in China May 2015
    NINJA 1000 ABS 629000 THB (~120,199 CNY) price of 185,000 CNY China +54%
    NINJA ZX-14R ABS Ohlins Edition 895000 THB (~171,030 CNY) Chinese price 240,000 CNY 220,000 CNY price +29%
    Z250 151500 THB (~28,942 CNY) price of 38,000 CNY China +31%
    Z800 375000 THB (~71,639 CNY) price of 119,000 CNY China +66%
    Z1000 ABS 599000 THB (~114,431 CNY)
    Vulcan classic 497500 THB (~95,041 CNY)
    Vulcan custom 497500 THB (~95,041 CNY)
    KSR PRO 62000 electric start 64,900 THB (~11,844 CNY)
    D-TRACKER 125 89500 THB (~17,098 CNY)
    D-TRACKER 150 79500 THB (~15,187 CNY) price of 24,600 CNY China +62%
    D-TRACKER 250 156300 THB (~29,859 CNY)
    KLX110L 52000 THB (~9933 CNY)
    KLX125 85000 THB (~16,288 CNY)
    KLX140L 74000 THB (~14,180 CNY)
    KLX150L 81000 THB (~15,521 CNY) price of 22,900 CNY China +48%
    KLX250 156300 THB (~29,859 CNY)

    Kawasaki motorcycle Thailand official website

    BMW MSRP comparison

    C600 Sport 565000 THB (~108,268 CNY)
    C650GT 599000 THB (~114,783 CNY) price of 135,000 CNY China +18%
    F700GS 650000 THB (~124,556 CNY) price of 122,400 CNY China -2%
    F800GS (Thai manufactured model) 530,000 THB (101,500 CNY) price of 145,000 CNY in China +44%
    F800GS (Low suspension) 760000 THB (~145,635 CNY)
    F800GS Adventure 850000 THB (~162,881 CNY)
    R1200GS 1222000 THB (~234,165 CNY) China 199,000 CNY -15%
    R1200GS Adventure (Triple black) 1265000 THB (~242,405 CNY)
    R1200GS Adventure 1280000 THB (~244,653 CNY)
    R1200RT (90 years) 1285000 THB (~245,609 CNY) price of 258,000 CNY China +5%
    HP4 1190000 THB (~227,451 CNY)
    HP4 (Competition) 1395000 THB (~266,633 CNY)
    S1000RR 985000 THB (~188,268 CNY)
    S1000RR (Special colour) 1015000 THB (~194,002 CNY)
    K 1600 GT 1450000 THB (~277,145 CNY) price of 319,000 CNY China +15%
    K 1600 GTL 1550000 THB (~296,260 CNY) price of 379,600 CNY China +28%

    All Thai BMW Motorrad prices include the 7% VAT.

    BMW Motorcycles Chinese official website
    BMW Motorcycles of Thailand official website

    Ducati MSRP comparison

    Diavel 1,100,000 THB (~212,269 CNY) China price of 235,000 CNY
    Diavel Carbon N/A (No official website quotes) China price of 249,000 CNY
    Hypermotard 499900 THB (~95,527 CNY) price of 179,000 CNY China +87%
    Hypermotard SP 948000 THB (~181,156 CNY) Chinese version of the official website Found
    Hyperstrada 549900 THB (~105,082 CNY) price of 198,000 CNY China +89%
    Monster 795 399990 THB (~76,435 CNY) price of 119,000 CNY China +56%
    Monster 796 Corse Stripe 449500 THB
    Monster 1200 899000 THB
    Monster 1200 S 1099000 THB
    Multistrada 1200 868000 THB (~165,868 CNY) price of 218,000 CNY China +32%
    Multistrada 1200 S Touring 1039000 THB (~198,545 CNY) price of 258,000 CNY China +30%
    Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak 1169000 THB (~223,387 CNY)
    Multistrada 1200 S Granturismo 1550000 THB (~296,193 CNY)
    Streetfighter 848 868000 THB (~165,868 CNY) price of 242,000 CNY China +46%
    899 Panigale 999000 THB (~190,901 CNY) price of 269,000 CNY China +41%
    1199 Panigale 1398000 THB (~267,147 CNY) Chinese price 319,000 CNY limit price 299,000 CNY +12%
    1199 Panigale S 1799900 THB (~343,842 CNY) China limited time offer price of 379,000 CNY 369,000 CNY +7%
    1199 Panigale R 2199000 THB (~420,083 CNY)

    Ducati motorcycles Chinese official website
    Ducati motorcycles Thailand official website

    Yamaha MSRP comparison

    YZF-R1 799000 THB (15,282.8 CNY) price of 198,000 CNY China
    FZ1 59900 THB
    XT 1200 Z (SE) 920000 THB
    XT 1200 Z 940000 THB
    FZ8-N 499000 THB
    FJR 1300 A 950000 THB
    TMAX 525000 THB (100,323.5 CNY) price of 158,000 CNY China

    Yamaha motorcycle China's official website
    Yamaha Motorcycle Thailand official website

    Suzuki prices in China
    No data on Suzuki to make the comparison Thailand vz PRC.

    GSX1300R Hayabusa price of 189,800 CNY (down from ~250,000 of 2 years ago)
    C50 Boulevard price of 138,000 CNY
    M109R Boulevard price of 249,800 CNY (price remains same as 2 years ago)
    DL650 V-Strom ABS (wee-strom) price of 139,800 CNY
    AN650 Burgman price of 158,000 CNY

    Suzkui Motorcycles China

    While pricing still seems remarkably high on some imported models, others have seen substantial decreases. Also worth bearing in mind that some other countries have import duties and taxes substantially higher than PRC, and given the nature of the local market here, parts are generally more accessible than some of those other expensive locations.
    All of this surely only means positive things for PRC riders... with pricing seemingly on a downward trajectory and available models increasing... long live the capitalist model in PRC.

    As always, YMMV.

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  2. #2 Re: Interntional motrocycle brand Thailand versus PR China MSRP comparison 
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    Great stuff - a lot of work! Thanks for posting it, as it is quite interesting.

    As for the truth about BMWs ... have you ever tried to talk religion with a believer? Especially if the believer is from the Holy Land? (i.e., Germany) You get the same response as you get if you were to say to a parent ... "your kid is ugly." Hahaha. Of course, I always say that if it is a R1200C (voted on advrider as one of the all-time Fugly bikes!).

    Little vignette ... while in Canada, I stopped by the BMW/Ducati dealer and had a chat with a guy I know from way back. At his dealership, Ducs outsell BMWs by almost 2:1. I was shocked when he said "yeah, people know that the Italians are more reliable these days." My oh my, how times have changed from when I was a yungin'.
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  3. #3 Re: Interntional motrocycle brand Thailand versus PR China MSRP comparison 
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    These are so depressing! but I guess they are better then the car prices.....Porsche, Mercedes and so on
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  4. #4 Re: Interntional motrocycle brand Thailand versus PR China MSRP comparison 
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    These are so depressing! but I guess they are better then the car prices.....Porsche, Mercedes and so on
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  5. #5 Re: Interntional motrocycle brand Thailand versus PR China MSRP comparison 
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    Thanks for doing this!........ AFTER I bought my Diavel!!!

    But seriously. This is great work... Btw Diavel in Thailand is around Price 1,100,000 Baht
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  6. #6 Re: Interntional motrocycle brand Thailand versus PR China MSRP comparison 
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    Added the MSRP for CBR300 now being sold in the mainland.

    Amended pricing for inclusion of Thai made F800GS (ABS, TC).

    I witnessed several expats in Chiang Mai take delivery of new Thai manufactured F800GS's and a few other models at Barcelona BMW CM (car and motorrad dealership), over several visits to the dealership to have my GS serviced or farkles added on different days in my two months in northern Thailand.
    I was envious as the 800GS is priced less than 700GS costs in PRC, and the 800GS has better dirt credentials compared to the 700GS. One new owner had paid his deposit Oct '14 and he'd been waiting so long as he only took delivery in Feb '15. He paid the MSRP of 530,000 THB and then another 140,000 THB fitting farkles. The 800GS in bright red, looked a stunner. He didn't care that the bike was not the colour he'd pre-ordered.

    In the workshop (very tidy though full) were mainly R1200GS's, F800GS's and a couple of F/G650GS singles. No F700GS's at all.
    The price of the Thai made 800GS is pretty competitive...
    Last edited by bikerdoc; 04-19-2015 at 06:15 AM.
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