2 chinese Jialing JH150gy-3 cross motorbikes for sale
1) 10.000 km, newly bought 2 years ago 5000 RMB
2) 15.000 km, 2nd hand buy 3 years ago 4.500 RMB

150cc, ca. 10 hp
vmax: ca. 90 km/h
Well-maintained, 2nd chain & set of tires
new carburetor

I guess not much more to say. If you want to read reviews of this bike please see this thread. Actually the older one I bought together with Filipu who did a whole round-china trip on the same model. This kind of bike is ideal for weekend trips around Beijing or longer adventure trips. Sturdy built, easy to handle, standard engine and parts that can be replaced anywhere. My wife and I both have one and we have done long journeys on them. Now we are upgrading to 250cc. Both bikes are equipped with a 12V cigarette lighter outled. Extremely convenient to charge your GPS, Mobile phone or GoPro on the go!

Both come complete with legal 京B plates. No Jiayou pai! Only to riders with legal chinese motorcycle endorsement on their DL.

PM me if you are interested.