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  1. #1 Best e-scooter shop in Beijing to buy a big bike 
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    Jun 2014
    Hi guys,
    I am upgrading my e-bike, looking for something with a bit more power. 60v - 200w output with lithium batteries around 60v - 30/40 AH. I know it is gonna cost me a bucket but would like a good reputable shop to get one from.

    Last thing I want is to get one from the corner shop :). I don't have enough knowledge to spot a lie until after the sale!

    This post was posted somewhere else but I got referred to here. Trying to delete the old one
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  2. #2 Re: Best e-scooter shop in Beijing to buy a big bike 
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    Sep 2012
    Well, I'm not sure that you can find lithium batteries at the basic scooter shops around here. I have heard LifePO4 are the way to go tho. Might have buy them during a trip overseas or check out the taobao's for a reputable dealer. Also, I think a u would have to make a visit to the "V is for voltage" forums to make sure ur batteries don't make ur scooter's motor explode.

    As far as scooters go, I've only driven lemons; two of them to be exact. Hopefully, someone can chime in about a decent electric scooter found here that doesn't give u constant problems. Maybe find a way to import one. . .

    The batteries themselves will cost more than the scooter itself and b/c of how easy scooter batteries are stolen, u r gonna need some pretty intensive safety measures to prevent that from happening. (I drove a e-scooter for 3 years so I have a few tricks up my sleeve, so shoot me a PM if u want.)

    To be completely honest, I'd abandon the pimped out e-scooter idea. Getting a motorcycle license here and buying 50 cc scooter with a high quality western lock would be a much better option. The 京A blue plates are not too bad and you can get a new scooter with these plate for about 3万 now. Just don't wait until after November; the plate prices should jump up in price again. The plus side is that u should be able to sell the scooter for what u paid for it or more in a few years.

    If u choose this option, I guess u could get away with an unplated bike, but DO NOT risk driving one without a license. 15 days in jail and possible deportation is not worth it. Well. . .maybe if ur in high school or college and have no future plans in China, it would make for a cool story. But as u get older it's best to keep the amount of dumb sh*t u do to a minimum.
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  3. #3 Re: Best e-scooter shop in Beijing to buy a big bike 
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    Sep 2013
    Not to bring up a super old thread, but if anyone's looking for help buying or building a good quality electric vehicle (scooter, 3 wheel or motorcycle), drop me a PM. I'd be happy to pass along electric vehicle information and get another rider on the road.

    I've been doing electric scooter tours in Beijing for 5 years now, and have started building full size electric motorcycles and moving forward with that as a business called Evoke Electric Motorcycles. While I don't explicitly sell or repair electric scooters, i'm very happy to provide direction or guidance to anyone looking to get one or learn more about them. Over the last half decade, i've amassed a good network of shops, parts suppliers and battery assemblers that when put together, can make a pretty good bike, something comparable to a 50cc - 150cc scooter, but without the headache of the Jing A/B plate situation, getting hassled at the gas station and not needing the whole license thing.
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    Nov 2011
    fuck off
    I'm looking at this option
    Disc front and rear decent front end high price but bigger wheels
    1000W motor
    6x 12v batteries (720 I'm told)
    Bike without batteries is 3200
    But is the spec reasonable?
    It looks to be limited to 40kmph
    But I'm told could do 80kmph
    It's an uglyish looking bike but these seem common for taxi bikes
    I think there much more stable on bigger wheels etc
    What about a controller upgrade? I'm a motorbike lad but in Shenzhen that's no go so I'm looking at something like this.
    Any advise please post or PM me
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  5. #5 Re: Best e-scooter shop in Beijing to buy a big bike 
    C-Moto Not-so-Noob
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    Sep 2013
    What you listed down is a pretty standard electric scooter here in China. Most of them come stock with a 500 - 800w motor and controller, so you're not really pushing the envelope with what you listed.

    Are you tackling your build from a cost perspective? What are your end goals? To build a sleeper for Shenzhen? From what I know, e-bikes are looked down upon over there. You could always build one with a pretty regular looking body, but put in nice components to make it go fast.

    Like everything in the automotive space, you could start out with a regular e-bike and mod it or upgrade it step by step. You can pick up the 1000w bike which will be a good starting point, and i'd look into dropping a set of Lithium batteries instead of the 6x12v ones. You'll be able to use them for years and years to come, get way better range, and it'll be way lighter to carry in and out to charge.
    The 6x12v ones are going to be around 35kg in total, or 18kg per arm. You'll need to replace them in a year cuz you won't be able to ride very far anymore and depending on how you drive, you'll only get 30km total range to begin with.

    You can certainly upgrade the controller. Lots to choose from depending on how fast you want to go, and what kind of batteries you have that'll work.

    If you have WeChat and have some specific questions, then add our electric bike community on your official accounts and message me or someone there. We'll do our best to get them answered as detailed as possible.
    The userid is: JingElectrics
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