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  1. #1 Japanese motorcycles on Taobao Shanghai 
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    Hi there. I have been seeing motorcycles advertised on Taobao, the shanghai classifieds. I was wondering the legality of them? Are they legal imports? If I purchased one, woudl I be able to ride on a Chinese m/c license?

    Here's an example
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    Its tempting, I know you see a bike like that it's almost................sexual!

    The reality is.........the cops can impound it any time they like, and impound you for you for 15 days and deport you and fine you 2,000 RMB. (This is the law, I'm not saying it would actually happen.........)

    Why is this? Well HK bikes, not always, but sometimes have been stolen in HK, sometimes they are legally registered bikes in HK, but illegally sold in China. Alas, the documentation with HK is almost always not enough to be able register them legally here....

    99% of the time you'd get away with it (no registration, insurance, possibly no Chinese driving license.)..... Except in an accident it would be a serious burden, or if you decide to ride in a big city and very unluckily meet the wrong traffic cop.

    This kind of bike...lol8:. I wouldn't ride it in China...because I want live in China, or have option to, for at least for the next 10 years, but if I wasn't in this situation, and was only going to travel in China the next 6 months, I might take the risk, but fully be aware that in the unlikely event of an accident it's gonna be expensive......
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