Suzuki China has apparently announced to its dealers a free wheel replacement for 2nd Generation (and newer) GW250 bikes. 1st Generation bikes are not part of this replacement program.

The easiest way to tell if you have a 1st or 2nd Generation GW is to look at your exhaust. If it is all chrome, you have a 1st Generation bike. If it is painted flat black (with a chrome heat shield cap) you have a 2nd Generation bike (or newer).

Wheels on Second Generation bikes, or newer, are apparently easily bent on impact.

There will be no charge to the customer for the wheel replacement, although if the customer wishes to replace tires at the same time, the customer will pay for the cost of the new tires (but not the R&R).

Contact your original dealer for further details. According to the two main Beijing Suzuki dealers, appointments for replacements should start late September, early October.