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    excellent report and photos...what a trip to remember!!
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    here and there - asia+austria
    when i stumbled across your entry and when is saw the jialings i knew we met. was with the group you met up there! good to hear you made it back save. all the best - Heinrich

    The Austrian/German tour group getting ready to leave the base camp guest house to ride 4 kms to advanced base camp[/QUOTE]
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    Quote Originally Posted by zhu View Post
    I have developed the zhu scale of assholeness regarding 4wd's. Taking into account tailgating , horn honking, road hogging and blind corner passing.
    Top of the list is the worst;

    Any black Audi
    Bread Van
    Blue truck
    Hello Kitty Smart Car
    Granny leading Donkey
    Kid leading Goats
    Haha. Yeah, I have done this in my head on each bike trip in China too!!! Yes, black German made saloons... My contribution was white SUVs, will totally run a bike off the road and do it with a grin whilst over taking on a hill and unbroken centre line. Haval brand particularly.
    Mian bao che's -agreed! So slow and worst driver awards go to them. Have to be particularly vigilant when tailing them, thankfully, most of the time is spent overtaking them. On my recent (very short) trip in Zhejiang, I added a category of reckless driver.. The blue lorry. Fricking hell, I'm sure some of them thought they were cars or even motorcycles.. shifting lanes by spinning the wheel with no indicators, trying to squeeze through gaps but forgetting they are driving a twelve foot vehicle loaded with heavy metals.

    Just noticed, you have the blue truck on there.
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