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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMC888 View Post
    Sorry Changed a few sensitive 'hotwords' in the thread, things stopped loading properly.

    Back on topic, we've got local foreigners with absolutely no idea what's on their own doorstep, the make presumptions about what is there. The leave and never see a mountain or a farm, nothing. Others go to tourist trap areas and presume there is nothing else. Sure there is pollution etc factories and so on, but China is probably the most mountainous country on earth.
    Emm was talking with an Australian retired couple who drove their converted truck/ camper through China(on a world trip) I asked them what they thought of China "Gee lots of mountains big mountains" was one of their first responses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMC888 View Post
    No good MTB terrain in China? haha. There are lots of farmers, they all walk, wheel a barrow or sometimes cycle or ride their motorcycle up to the field, very few fences and 'my property starts here' demarcations as in the west. Therefore there is shit loads of excellent easily accessible single track! China is probably the best MTB country in the world in fact, just totally untapped and written off by the clueless. Luckily I'm the only one, keeps the erosion levels down to a minimum.

    3.39 farmers 70-100cc Jialing forward firing type single China 'agg' bike.
    Attachment 16706
    No one has ever said get off my land. I usually get a thumbs up and then the encouraging "jia you"
    And they usually want me to eat something if im near a farm house

    Riding on the streets however is anothwr thing all together
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    Pudong, Shanghai
    I would love to hear more about good locations to mtb in China. I'm in Shanghai and all i do is ride on the road to stay in shape. Before coming here, i was purely a mountain biker and would like to get back into it.

    Any suggestions within a couple hours? I used to also do some bikebacking off road, are there places where you could ride for a couple days and camp along the way? I would be willing to fly to find places like that.

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    Zibo, Shandong - Sometimes SW England
    Sorry Paul totally missed you post. As far as I'm aware virtually the whole of Zhejiang province would make perfect MTB territory. Don't know Shanghai or the area very well but I'd suggest getting a 120-140mm full sus and stealth camping bikepacking up into those hills. If you can't find anyone and don't want to go alone we'll be doing a trip or two starting in a week or two up here in Shandong, PM if interested.
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