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  1. #1 Just a few pictures from today ride 
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    Yantai, Shandong
    Hey all, I drove around a bit today and took a few pictures. The pictures aren't amazing but I thought I would post something. It's just really quiet and I figure, as long as no one else is posting anything, I met as well share a bit.

    Yantai is full of fruit trees, but nothing is really green yet. There are some blooms coming out. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, everything will come alive. I've been saying that for a full month now. It's getting to the point that Canada is more green than Yantai. I decided to head a little less urban today. I was no disappointed by my choice. Here is the map of the trip.

    In total, it's about 50 kms. Almost all of it is dirt roads. The bike is proving to be a fantastic choice for this city. So much fun to be had right outside my front door. I was only out for two hours, but that was the highlight of the week. First thing I found was more Qingming decorated tombs. It seems odd that this is what Chinese call decorating. This looks like mass littering. I hope that yellow paper is biodegradable or like edible for chipmunks or something. I doubt that, however.

    I kept seeing this really straight completely white road across the valley, so I made my way towards that. It ended up being a really rough road made of loose rock that led to a mountain with several of these quarries dug out of it. This was at the top of the mountain and would make a fantastic camping spot. There was no wind as it was completely surrounded by 100ft walls of granite. One of the coolest things I've found in Yantai yet.

    Last picture is just a helmet cam shot of the Yantai country-side in all it's blandness. I want it to rain.

    I hope that these short ride reports aren't starting to feel like a ten year-old who hosts a Youtube Channel. I'm hoping to start camping in a couple of weeks, so the overnight trips should start soon.
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  2. #2 Re: Just a few pictures from today ride 
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    What a cool pace for a ride , thanks for sharing Crypto .
    I especially like the camp site power full looking spot .
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