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  1. #1 Needing Front Wheel Bearings for QH250GY Lifan Hi-Bird 
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    I have a 2007 Lifan Hi-Bird QH250GY motorcycle. It was bought from VBIKES in Oklahoma. I've noticed the LF200GY is very similar. My motorcycle arrived in a crate and the owners manual was for a 200 also. Though mine is a 250. My motorcycle is an enduro. But I'm needing front wheel bearings. There are two inside the hub, a left and right seperated by a spacer. They have removeable dust covers or seals, about the same size as the bearing assembly.

    Looking at the LF200GY-2 and the same one in the -5 the bearing is the same number. The LF200 with no other numbers is different.

    I was hoping somebody here could tell me what bike if not the QH250GY has the same bearings. I'm thinking about just ordering the two and see if they match, from the LF200GY2.

    Any information is greatly appreciated.

    Stacy Courtney
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    Hi welcome to the forum. I don't know if this would help, but in such cases I just make a note of the number engraved on the bearing, it'll be something like 6302-2RS, and go down a bearing supplier. Bearing numbers and types are standard and a good supplier will more than likely have them in stock and even suggest different brands, qualities and grades for better performance. If you buy them from the original importer of those bikes, the chances are that they will supply some OEM Chinese bearings which will be inferior to European or American ones.
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