I have just fitted a big bore kit to my lexmoto adrenaline along with a performance cam shaft i have port matched and done a small amount of head porting and fitted a keihin pz27 27mm carburetor.

keihin seem to use a different scale for jets than mikuni which comes stock with the bike and the main jet and needle position seem to be working perfect now. the spark plug looks the right color and seems to be running with a good bit of punch to it now the only problem i have is the slow speed idle section.

it came with a 34 size pilot jet and from initial set up seems to be too big as i turn the fuel screw the whole way in and it still idles does not cut out so i have a smaller one on order.

it idles great cold and sits at about 1500rpm no problem but when the bike get hot thats when i have issues. when slowing down to a junction and stop the revs die down to about 1000rpm then cuts out. if i turn the idle screw up any more to compensate then if i rev the bike the revs creep up to about 4000rpm and fall down slowly to a normal idle speed.

i have checked for vacuum leaks and checked the carb and nothing is blocked so im not sure what to do...... any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks