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    The usual "guess" work!
    I have never seen any work done well here without detailed instructions and precise clarification of all steps. Its on you to think all problems, risks and solutions comprehensive to end.
    Take time to make clear that words like kenang, hai keyi and chabuduo are absolutely unacceptable.
    Be aware that in China is a big difference in the wordings for "repair".
    XiuLe is the try to repair. The guy does not know if it really works and for how long.
    XiuHaoLe means confidence that its repaired sustainable.
    Normally the guy tells you its XiuLe because he is not sure. If you ask him XiuLe or XiuHaoLe most time he will smile ashamed.
    Finally you must know that fighting the effect is preferred approach because its easier than root cause elimination.

    To illustrate that: once I saw in my factory a cover at a machine which was initially fixed by a long screw. Seems the screw was lost or broken. The guys have been to lazy to find a suitable new screw and took a shorter one. As it was too short to hold the cover they fixed a wire on the screw to the cover. The wire slipped off regular from that hole so they add a cable tie to the wire and pulled it through the cover hole ... Until I saw it. I left the choice to be fired or do XiuHaoLe. 15min later was a correct screw in again.

    Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

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    Cheers ShuBen for the words of advice. Much appreciated.
    Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist
    - Pablo Picasso
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