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  1. #1 SerpentZA and laowhy86 battle it out on Churchill 125cc in the mountains of Guangdong 

  2. #2 Re: SerpentZA and laowhy86 battle it out on Churchill 125cc in the mountains of Guang 
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    I enjoy your videos, every so often I watch yours and Serpantza it’s like reality TV. I really enjoyed the trip to the north to find Russians.
    I have some requests, others might as well, themes or story lines. However if you do anything investigative, you could have some troubles? I heard that members of the communist party are now banned from having golf club memberships. Simply because…no good can ever come from that, as if it is a root of corruption. No drinking, no smoking and NO GOLF.
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  3. #3 Re: SerpentZA and laowhy86 battle it out on Churchill 125cc in the mountains of Guang 
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    Hey matt999tye & Serpentza,

    I was just wanting to know how you 2 go about sharing & editing contents and videos when you are in 2 different countries?

    A friend and I intend to make some videos of our own. We both met in Beijing, and have done a few rides together, his nickname on mychinamoto is Galenernest.

    I've since moved to the netherlands and we wanted to do a collaboration video. I see that you both still managed to make videos even when serpentza was in the USA.

    So yep, if you have any advice on that, it'd be great. At the moment, both Galen & I use Adobe Premiere Elements. So we have the same software...but i don't know if that makes it any easier.

    And again on both your videos, i hope you keep showing china how it is. I'm loving that someone is propagating what living in china is really like and the amazing time it can be, the good, the bad, but how ultimately it is a country that is enjoyable to live in.

    If it's convenient, my wechat is dparker26
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