Hi everyone. So , I would like to put a wider tyre on my bike. My Bike is Pulse adrenaline XF125GY-2B. The tyre that i want to put on is 140/60 R17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 Currently I've got Michelin Pilot Streets on. 130/70 R17 on a back wheel. I have found charts saying that 140/70 and 140/80 would fit a 3 inch rim. But from a information that i have found. That the with the profile of 70 or 80 tyre would be very pointy. ( less rubber contact with road) . Tyre with the profile of 60 would have about the same radius as 130/70 tyre. On MCN website I've found that if I go up by 10 in width need to go down on a profile by 10. Has anyone done this before?

Here are some links: