Hi All

I've recently been able to post !! Anyhow, I got a second hand CF650TR with only 13 miles on the clock in December, however, only had a couple of very limited rides out on it, due to the weather over here at the moment, so, my Skyteam V-Rapror 125 is the sacraficial lamb !!

Anyway, there's no USB charging socket on mine, so I'm guessing it must be a 2013 bike? Even though it's a 2015 registered bike. I'm guessing it was a canceled order bike, as it came from WK bikes, ahh, yes, WK bikes, themselves, are not much help at all, customer service is pretty ropey, which is where these forums prove invaluable.

Anyway, I digress, I've made a couple of minor tweaks to the bike since I bought it..

First up a radiator guard bought from AliExpress


Fits well.

Then I added some paddock stand bobbins from ebay, and they fit perfectly.


These will help prevent damage when using a paddock stand.

If you don't want to use the one from the above link, then any you do order make sure they are of the size M10/1.25MM the 1.25MM being the the thread pitch (the spirals), the M10 being the thread size.

And for christmas I got ...

A top box ..


Had to drill the base plate so that the fixing holes line up with the screw holes for the cover that's already there. and then got some M6 x 25mm bolts.

It's good in that I now have even more storage, but, also, the missus will now come on the bike, as the top box acts like a sissy bar/back rest !! Ha !!

I knew I might have a challenge on my hands fitting one to the CF, due to the handlebars. However, I cam e across this sat nav mount http://www.st1300-accessories.co.uk/...tnavmount.html . I decided to take a punt on it, as you do, yes not as cheap as I'd have liked, but anyhow. I ordered it and the ram mount at the same time.

Anyhow, it fits perfectly, as if it was designed for the CF650 :-).

As you can see ...



And finally, a photo of the bike, before I'd attached any of this, hiding from the rain !!


I do have a couple of questions ...

Like almost everyone else, I think the side stand is a little on the short side, has anybody tried fitting an adjustable one, such as this?


Also, whilst on the subject of side stands, I've had my fair share of problems with side stand switches in the past, so, I was thinking of removing it from the CF650 & using a bypass, like this


Again, anybody have any experience with one of these?

And ... I've seen mention of the exhaust dropping off, can anybody tell me just where I need to check to make sure that doesn't happen?