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  1. #1 Please . Need help with wiring. Pulse Adrenaline 125, Sinnis Apache ,QM200gy, XF200GY 
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    Hi everyone. I recently changed wiring loom on my pulse adrenaline XF125GY-2B year 2013. (Same bike as Sinnis Apache 125, Rmr Superbyke 125 , Qm200gy, XF200gy, and many more)
    And i forgot to take pics of old loom. And i'm was hoping that someone could help me to bring my bike back to life. I need to find out witch connector does the wire coming from starter motor connect to starter relay. ? When looking down on it there are two connections

    Starter relay.JPG
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    fuck off
    It's a relay - it doesn't actually matter as the relay bridges the two together
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