Superbyke RSP125

2015 model, first registered in may 2015 - no need for MOT for another 2 years, only 2900 miles, full service history. Bike has been well looked after and was giving me loads of fun up until now. The reason why I'm selling is I've done my full license and bought a car. She has never seen a regular petrol, always been ridden on the 98 octane, It's got new tyres on the front and back, top of the class + another set of original tyres. Both sets done about 1,5k miles. It's got plenty of aftermarket parts ie:

-Stainless steel exhaust with a stubby end can - sounds like a bigger bike.
-28mm Mikuni carburetor upjetted to 112.5
-Racing CDI unit
-Performance foam air filter
-17t Front sprocket
-Carbon-look mirrors

With all that done, bike does around 80mph and it's great to drive around the city.
More about bike here on forum.

Bad bits:
Unfortunately, a couple of days ago wind ripped a cover off of it and snapped front right indicator. Works ok, currently wrapped in a carbon foil so doesn't need any attention.

Rev counter doesn't work. Probably something with the cable because from time to time it'll show the revs and then go back down to 0.

All the original parts will add as a bonus, that's around 100 worth of parts. On request can put them back on, if you wish to have it in original condition.

Collection from Bristol only.