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  1. #1 ShanghaiInsiders is looking for guys or ladies to join the team 
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    Mar 2016
    Hi everyone,

    I don't know where to post the following so I hope here is fine since it is sidecar related.

    Shanghai Insiders has been providing bespoke and*adventurous journeys off the beaten track by sidecar motorbike in Shanghai since 2008; our goal is to take people through "our" Shanghai and give them an insiders look of what it is like to live here; our team is made of passionate people from all over the world who take on their free time (or more) to show from within the city they love.
    *In order to spread the love, we are currently looking for motorbike riders to join our team of insiders and ride our bikes.


    Have a look at*those questions:
    -Do you have an overseas or local motorbike driving license ?
    -Do you have great social skills? (number of Facebook friends is not an indicator of social skills)
    -Do you have an outgoing personality?
    -Are you fluent in English and speak more than 50 words of Chinese?
    -Do you speak any other language?
    -Do you have free time on week days or/and week-ends?
    -Are you passionate about Shanghai, it's culture, it's history and its people? Do you go out and explore by yourself?*
    -Are you interested in China's history.
    - Have you been living in Shanghai for at least a year and a half ?

    If you have a majority of "yes" to the above points (the motorbike license one is sort of mandatory), then drop a line to to try your luck out. If you had more "no" than "yes", drop a line to to book a tour as we'd be happy to convert you to the Insiders perspective of Shanghai.

    For more information on what we do check out:

    We are Insiders, are you?
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  2. #2 Re: ShanghaiInsiders is looking for guys or ladies to join the team 
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    Mar 2016
    We are still looking for new team members.

    Also , we will be taking part in the DGR2016 in Shanghai ; and anyone with a vintage looking motorcycle and a dapper suit is welcome to join. More info and registration on
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