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  1. #1 HELP! Scooter Fleet Sourcing 
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    Dear MCM Scooter Aficionados,

    I run a manufacturing and sourcing business here in Shanghai and I have been asked to source a fleet of 125/150cc scooters for a UK based food delivery company. I am therefore looking for any informed suggestions for decent/ reliable scooter brands and models. Being a food delivery bike it is going to have the tits thrashed off it on a daily basis by riders who don't own them and therefore don't give a fuck, so it needs to be able to take a serious beating without having to have parts replaced or screwed back on every other day. If anyone has any bright ideas or better still, first hand experience with bikes, models, sourcing, after-market service/ warranty expectations (or lack thereof), dos, donts, etc... it would be very much appreciated!

    I am going to begin by turning to some of the China motorbike companies that are becoming more trustworthy and I personally have experience with (and I assume make scooters also) however I suppose most of these very companies are now big enough/ controlled enough to have exclusive distribution in Europe/ UK already.

    Anyway, please help!! Thanks
    2012 Jialing JH600B-A (Shanghai) 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC (UK)
    2003 Hyosung Aquila 125 (UK) 200? Yamaha YBR 125 (Yangshuo)
    2010 Triumph Bonneville A2 (sold)
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    TGB would be my suggestion and out of their UK distribution.
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