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  1. #1 Lexmoto Adrenaline 2015 plate 
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    May 2016
    Hi guys, bought a second hand good looking 2015 plate Lexmoto Adrenaline as my first commuter.

    Please accept my apologies in advance if I ask something that perhaps I should know, but i'm afraid my knowledge is limited.

    I'm a large chap, 6'4" and 130kg, i'm already aware of my size, and the last forum I joined gave me nothing but stick saying a 125 would never do me justice, went straight to 'do DAS and get a bigger bike blah blah blah'.

    That being said, i've dropped 6kg and am still losing weight so that will help me.

    OK, moving on, the bike came with 1400km on the clock. All good and well I thought. Bike was remarkably clean in appearance anyway.

    Noticed a couple of things (i've only had the bike since Saturday 14th):

    The gears feel clunky shifting up and down. Experience on fluid shifting needed? If so, what RPM should I be changing gear at? Or do I need to watch out for something else that will smooth this out?
    Speedo is saying i'm doing a speed I KNOW i'm not doing. There is no way I'm doing 50-60mph on this bike when cars are overtaking me shaking their heads on normal suburban roads. Couple of colleagues have said i'm doing 20mph when speedo says i'm doing 30mph.
    Due to my size, I would like to change the suspension on the rear a little to accommodate my weight. How do I set it correctly?
    Bike does NOT start first time without choke being on. Idles at 4k revs with choke on and about 1.5k revs without.
    How the heck do I know i'm about to run out of petrol?
    I hear a constant rattle which is actually very regular, like a fast ticking clock. It annoys me. I would like to make that go away. Sound comes from the front and usually starts when i'm going fast enough to be in 4th/5th gear.
    I'd like to get a bit more beef out of this bike, it's rated to 8.4kw, how do I get the 11kw and keep it legal?

    How often do you guys service your bikes? Do you do it yourselves or take it to a mechanico?

    Thank you for reading my first thread, and thanks in advance for taking the time to answer!

    Kindest regards

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  2. #2 Re: Lexmoto Adrenaline 2015 plate 
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    Oct 2013
    Your rattle could be a exhaust hum. I have the same engine but a Sinnis vista, my exhaust had another pipe that ran down the inside of the chrome and it used to hum, drove me mental too till I bought a aftermarket.
    Speedos on most of the Chinese bikes are crap. I replaced mine with a digital koso, but that requires a decent amount of knowledge with wiring. Maybe not your first project.

    A quick cheap easy mod is to remove the airbox and replace with a cone filter, and upjet your carb. Your bike standard usually has a 97.5 in which makes them abit lean to be good on emmisions for import. You will prob get a nice little boost in speed with a cone and a 105 jet for the money spent.

    Then there's more in depth mods, bigger carb, different cams, big bore kits. But you need abit more knowledge on these and they have been discussed many times. Search K157fmi on the forums.

    As for the shocks, you need to tighten the spring, I've no idea how to do this on your bike as I'm sure that will be different from mine.

    Also, buy a Haynes manual. It will save your arse and wallet 50 times over the 15 to buy it..
    Sinnis Vista, K157fmi. Koso electric speedos, rewired with English wire wiring loom including H.I.D headlight and a cigarette charger. 150cc big bore kit. 30mm mikuni carb with k&n filter. Bored out inlet manifold and 230cc cam. 110 main jet and 17/46 sprocket configuration.
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  3. #3 Re: Lexmoto Adrenaline 2015 plate 
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    May 2016
    Thanks for the input Lagerlout, much appreciated.

    Since my post, that ticking is really starting to cheese me off. I'm looking around the bike and have noticed other things which require repairing i.e. the mounting for the electronic start needs replacing. The plastics around the locating screw to position the mount have cracked so it's a little loose. Also, where the throttle cable end fits into the throttle grip sleeve some of the plastic has come away.

    I'm starting to think the lad that had it before me dropped it and isn't admitting it.

    I bought the Haynes manual but surprisingly there are bits missing which I thought would have been obvious.

    For instance, the chain (upper half) seems to be rubbing on the plastic block that sits just underneath. I can't seem to find a section on this particular issue which is covered in the manual.
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