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    Hey guys!

    So I'm in the process of a full rebuild on my RX250 :) it's been quite a process but it's quite worth it. So I've made this thread to document it :) It was in quite a bad way when I got it, didn't start, ripped seat, blown forks, spokes missing and it had a few engine mountings broken. But it's all starting to come together now.

    List of things I've done so far:

    Brand new bushes all round and new neck bearing

    EK520 chain

    Powdercoating the whole frame as well as the foot pegs and rear spring and bits here and there

    Fully adjustable upside down KTM White Power front forks

    Brembo single piston front caliper

    I've bought a ohlins steering damper but I still need to find a way to mount it

    FAG and Timken wheel bearings

    Pretty much every single nut and bolt has been replaced

    Ported and flowed head

    I'm working on getting myself a Mikuni carburetor

    It's got an HID kit on it I just need to fit the ballasts and wire it

    I think that's pretty much the majority of what I've done thus far in terms of mods

    I'll post some photos in a minute to show my progress so far
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