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  1. #1 Tmec125cc repair manual 
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    Just wondering if there is a repair manual/or Haynes manual I can download from somewhere I have a tmec 125cc which I picked up a week ago someone has been using it as a field bike and chopped all the wiring loom up from ignition barrel ,cut out switch ,indicator etc and has been standing for 3 years!! I'm trying to get this running but have no spark,have ordered a cdi pack ht lead and plug and help would be appreciated thanks in advance
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    Check coil / stator / CDI
    [Energy] Source aka exciter... Bl/R >~50V | 300-600Ω Bypass it w/ "DC-CDI" is a streetwise fix
    [When] Pickup aka trigger... Bu/W >0.5V | 120-180Ω | the gap btw rotor
    [To r/r] Yellow /pink /white... Full wave NO continuity to gnd/ <2 ohm btw either wires
    Typical "8"

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    Sorry for the months' long delay in responding, but I did just see this. I know I have seen a Haynes or Chilton book for Chinese 125's.

    Here it is--kind of pricey; probably about the same price as an abandoned Chinese bike!!

    I clicked and read the fine print on what bikes are covered, and your TMEC 125 was mentioned!
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