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  1. #1 Benelli BJ600GS for sale, Beijing 
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    May 2014
    Selling my Benelli BJ 600 gs
    model year: 2012
    Colour: white with red piping

    Plate situation:
    Real 京b plate, 私户牌子 (registered to my Chinese friend as a private plate)
    properly registered, with Blue book.
    looking for someone with an actual license, none of this 'you can get petrol stuff'
    Upon delivery of the bike you will sign an agreement to say that even though the plate is in his name, you will be legally responsible for the bike.

    Price: 20, 000 or best offer The price is cheaper than most due to the situation with the plate.

    Mileage: around 20, 000 (instrument cluster malfunctioned and is not showing info at the moment, will be replaced before sold)
    Has always been given 95 Ron petrol.

    Modifications: a simple manual switch has been installed for the cooling fan, as the 2012 model gets hot quite easily.
    The manual switch insures the fan is always running, not just when the computer tells it to kick in.
    However on mountain roads and expressways, there is not problem at all.

    Great bike for the mountains,
    nice feel/ handling to the bike,
    always plenty of power.

    add my wechat dparker26 or message me if interested 1352-142-1779

    21.pic_hd.jpgIMG_20160529_091440.jpgbenelli 600 side.jpg[ATTACH=CONFIG]18653
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  2. #2 Re: Benelli BJ600GS for sale, Beijing 
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    May 2012
    So are you implying that your friend is unwilling or unable to transfer the plate over to the new owner? I just want to be clear about this situation.
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  3. #3 Re: Benelli BJ600GS for sale, Beijing 
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    May 2014
    SOrry, already sold.

    But it was a private plate, so in that case if it goes to a Chinee person... fine no problem, just transfer it. If it went to a aggreement would have to have been signed
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