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    Quote Originally Posted by ShuBen View Post
    The above shown is nothing but a pipe with diameter larger than the bended front pipe. No other interior in the muffler. It has a nice dark sound and especially with my 300cc kit it helps to breath freely.
    Surprisingly the fuel consumption didn't increase

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    Is that 300cc kit for the X2? If so, do you have a link or how you did it? I'd definitely be interested in that.
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    In TaoBao you can find the necessary parts. At the moments seems to be a shortage of 300cc heads in the market. So they got very expensive. I have still a modified 250cc head. I increased the inner diameter a little by lathe and revised the cooling channel by grinding to smoothen the flow. But its still unused in my garage as I have a 300cc head on already. But I would love to try it out.

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