Like in the title. I have IXIL Exhaust Sysytem for YBR250 and I recon it will fit YS250 as well.

Had it installed on my YBR for a couples of months, done no more that 2000km on it. It sounds beautiful but it was a little distracting for me after 4-5h riding and I always ride more than that in a day so I took it off about year and a half ago (or more) and was sitting in my garage ever since, thats why its so dirty hah.
The pipe is stainless steel but there is a little rust on it (check picture) few min with fine sand paper and some oil will fix the problem.
I no longer have my YBR so I dont need this exhaust.
Here it is on taobao

The price is RMB700


Here is an old pic of my bike. Miss her.....