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  1. #1 ISO Southern California or Arizona CFMoto CF650TK Owners 
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    Forum Members,

    Hello and happy new year! I am considering a purchase of a 2012 CFMoto CF650TK/TR that is not local to the United States. Unfortunately, I am unable to see the motorcycle and throw a leg over it. Since I am 6'4" (193 cm) with a 34" (86.5 cm) inseam, I am very interested in seeing and sitting on this motorcycle before committing to a purchase. I have searched the domestic dealer listings and learned most dealers only sell the side-by-side or ATV/UTV's. Craiglist searches reflect a 650TK in MN and WA states. I am hoping to learn of a 650TK that may be closer to home.

    Therefore, I am hoping to meet a CMoto 650TK/TR owner within several hundred miles from San Diego. If you have a CFMoto 650TK/TR and would like to meet someplace convenient to you, please post to this forum or send a private message.

    Thank you & ride safely!

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    Just now saw your posting. Hope you did not buy the bike. Its too small for you. I (186cm) tried once to sit on and found the knees and fairing don't match. Legs too long.

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    I doubt David will buy a TR to many problems with the bike in his mind.

    The new TR-G has better leg room no problem.
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