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Thread: Suzuki DRZ

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  1. #1 Suzuki DRZ 
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    Jan 2010
    I bought it as a motard with 17" front wheel. Replaced rim and spokes 21" wheel. Large tank Acerbis gives over 300km range. 38tooth rear sprocket and 14 tooth front make this bike great for touring. All original parts with the bike. Aluminum "seven" side boxes and good quality Agio top box. New Pads front and rear. Head gasket replaced with a head skim, new fork seals. 35K genuine milage. Plates are transferable to new owner. Asking 25K rmb. This is probably the best bike for touring china one up. No tyre kickers please.
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    Finland - Vanda
    That is an awesome bike, GZ in advance to anyone who gets it :)
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