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  1. #1 My Lexus was Stolen - How I Got it Back (The Mafia) 
    C-Moto Regular matt999tye's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Huizhou, Guangdong
    Long time no see guys. Hope you are enjoying life these days.
    A year ago I bought a Lexus IS and engine swapped it etc. It was stolen, and a year later, I have it back. Thought you guys might enjoy the story.
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  2. #2 Re: My Lexus was Stolen - How I Got it Back (The Mafia) 
    Senior C-Moto Guru culcune's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Yuma, Arizona (the 3:10 left me here)
    Interesting perspective on the part of life in China one doesn't hear much about! I asked on youtube--do the Chinese people complain about how 'white' people drive like how we complain about their driving in the US?
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  3. #3 Re: My Lexus was Stolen - How I Got it Back (The Mafia) 
    C-Moto Not-so-Noob cozmcrae's Avatar
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    Jan 2016
    Love your videos. You mentioned you wanted to get back into auto racing. Is there much of a scene down where you live? I've been trying to find guys around Beijing and have had no luck yet but have heard they are out there.
    Winging it since 1991
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