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  1. #1 Evoke Technical videos/user experience 
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    Just started making information videos about the new Evoke electric motorcycles. First video is just describing the basic differences between an evoke and a normal gas bike. If you guys have any questions/suggestions, let me know.
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  2. #2 Re: Evoke Technical videos/user experience 
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    Are you attempting to sell these?

    Because the approach is not good, I am not sure what is going on but SOCO took a basic Idea and mass produced it,

    I am not being confrontational, but the Soco are retailing in China for $725.00, top speed is about 50km and range is 100km.

    Seems the concept would require a top speed of 45mph as to be able to stay ahead of traffic and not be an obstacle on roads, then the range should be fine for commuting, the bike is bit small in size it could be bit bigger for western markets, but the prices needs to be low it is pretty simple technology. The battery is the big cost.

    If you are comparing compare to the Soco, not a combustion engine, your market is not that. It is millennials and first timers.
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