Hello Everyone -

I have several CJ's that I have bought and modified over the years, and a friend of mine in the US is asking me to try and find him one that he can use as a project bike. Thus, I am looking for a USED CJ750 with either a 24 or 32 HP (preferred) engine. The bike doesn't need to be pretty but it does need to be in solid working condition. Add-ons are great, but truth is he would prefer to modify and upgrade the bike himself. No Lisc plate is needed at all since the objective is to get the bike exported almost immediately to the US.

If anyone has an old bike that they can't take care of anymore or you just want to find a good loving home for, please let me know. I have a fairly fixed budget to work with from him, but will try to make it a good deal for the right bike. I am in Shanghai and would be happy to arrange a test ride or to come look at a bike if you are interested.

WeChat: Sam-SSBG
Cell: 1380-1802-477