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  1. #1 DUCATI Multistrada Pikes Peak (2012) 
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    Lovely motherland..
    HAPPY DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL 2017 to all around the lovely motherland...

    The perfectly modified BMW-F8GS (Shanghai) was sold last year and have made the ultimate betrayal ~ got some different reliable European bike brand for the first time! The white & blue BMW guys everywhere were cursing my name as I drank and enjoyed the cool-aid.... So far, I've found that just about everything anyone ever said was true about the other European branded bikes but thats another story for a different day and time. Now ~ quite sure, the worldwide loyal Ducati community will complain and moan heavily....

    Italian Mistress ~ smoking hot and healthy but she's just too much for me nowadays. Every time I get on her, she's left wanting more than I am willing to give her due to other important commitments. Athletic, sexy and beautiful, she deserves someone that will treat her right and ride her hard the way her proud Italian creators always wanted.....

    Different plans and directions come around in everyone's life cycle and might be rattling the cage once again as not offering a cheap as chips MIC = Made In China motorbike with dodgy rego & plates or the so called public license plates, but what the heck, here we go as a true enthusiast and serious rider might be just out there looking for the perfect Mainland China stress reliever. Absolutely not pressed on time, as not selling the MTS for the Shanghai "A" plate allocation (few legal Shanghai plates from the gone but not forgotten golden days in my possession). Herewith putting the word out on a very special all inclusive "Ready to Rock n' Roll" Ducati package deal available in Shanghai (PRC), motorbike alone around approx. Two-Hundred-Thousand RMB.

    There are faster bikes for sure, but the Ducati Multistrada 1200S Pikes Peak is a very special bike. The ride experience is pretty unique ~ like a super motard bike on steroids with an upright dirt bike stance. Well ~ no longer need to stop for coffee in the mornings as you will arrive at the office sufficiently stimulated.

    DUCATI Multistrada 1200S Pikes Peak (2012) Limited Edition
    Shanghai / China, purchase date = 11/11/11 by the seller (owner) and this particular bike is the first ever MTS-PP in Mainland China imported through Ducati China (Shanghai).
    Approx. 43000km (all maintenance, installations and frequently serviced by Ducati Shanghai ~ not some chain smoking & spitting, dodgy tree shade + back alley mechanics)
    Fully transferable legal Shanghai "A" private registration & license plate, either sold with plate "market price" of the day or without the registration / license plate (Shanghai"A" rego & plate going approx. 400+K RMB nowadays)

    -Termignoni Full Titanium / Stainless Steel Exhaust with Racing ECU by Ducati
    -Stainless Steel Exhaust / Muffler Hanger (custom)
    -Ohlins Suspension ECU (limited release suspension upgrade)
    -R&G Racing Tail Tidy
    -Custom LED Tail Light (integrated rear indicators)
    -Barkbusters Handguards (alloy / black)
    -Brembo 2-pot CNC Caliper (rear)
    -Hardware (every nut / bolt / screw possible replaced with titanium hardware from Pro-Bolt UK / Podium Racing USA)
    -Altrider Luggage Rack (rear / black)
    -Altrider Crashbars with sliders
    -Rizoma Rear Axle Slider
    -SpeedyMotoFront Axle Slider
    -Altrider Header Guard (black)
    -Altrider Cylinder Head Guard (black)
    -Evotech Radiator Guard (black)

    Spare Parts available and for sale (not included with the bike pricing listed above as complete separate deal to be negotiated)
    -Marchesini Wheel Set (Front + Rear / 10 Spoke / Forged Alloy / Black / brand-new boxed) fit various Ducati bikes (single sided swingarm)
    -Termignoni Full Titanium / Stainless Steel Exhaust System (brand-new complete system with UpMap USB Stick MTS 2013 up)
    -Exhaust Custom Hanger Bracket (stainless steel)
    -Evotech Cylinder Head Guard (brand-new / black)
    -Evotech Header Guard (brand-new / black)
    -Altrider Header Guard (two guards)
    -Brembo Clutch Lever (spare hand lever / black)
    -Brembo Brake Lever (spare hand lever / black)
    -Fairing Monting Hardware (ProBolt UK / black)
    -Rear Tyre 2x (Scorpion Trail one tyre / Scorpion Trail 2 one tyre)
    -Front Tyre 2x (Scorpion Trail one tyre / Scorpion Trail 2 one tyre)
    -Fairing Kit Pikes Peak (brand-new with decals / carbon fibre)
    -Fender (rear / short / carbon / brand-new)
    -Hugger (rear / carbon / brand-new)
    -Carbon Beak Set (left / right)
    -MTS Pikes Peak Decal Kit (complete / brand-new)
    -Belly Pan Set (black / left-right-centre)
    -Airfilter (brand-new)
    -Spark Plugs (brand-new)
    -Brake Pads (brand-new / various brands)
    -EMS Duc Shim Kit (complete 4-valve Ducati set for valve / desmo shim service)
    -R+G Racing Tail Tidy Kit (brand-new)
    -Custom LED Taillight (brand-new)
    -Drive Chain (2x / brand-new)
    -Sprocket / Ergal (42t rear)
    -Cyclops LED Headlight Bulbs (three bulbs / brand-new)
    -Sidestand Switch (brand-new)
    -Brake Light Switch (rear / brand-new)
    -Altrider Crashbars Sliders (brand-new / black)
    -Ducati Paddock Stands Front / Rear (red)
    -Ducati MTS Indoor Storage Cover (cotton)

    All original OEM parts like complete exhaust, ECU, rear hugger fender, Brembo rear brake caliper, etc..etc.. available (not included with the bike pricing listed above as complete separate deal to be negotiated) ***quite sure, forget some available spare parts but will take full inventory if any real serious buyer***

    >>>Very important fine print concerning the bike sales procedures<<<
    MTS will be on display later on at a premium Shanghai motorcycle dealership, will advise once available for public viewing but dream on and get wet undies about free joy test rides. Thanks very much for all the incoming comments and emails up front, as quite sure will read some rather strange comments & inquiries once again incl. abusive hate mails, lengthy monthly payment plans / trade-in suggestions (sorry, really in no need of some dodgy cheap MIC = Made In China motorbike). Furthermore, absolute no interest in renting out the Ducati MTS-PP for a lovely motherland tour or exhilarating weekend sprint. On another note, the MTS-PP will not be sold with the plate + registration (Shanghai "A") under the owners name for a cruise around the lovely motherland called China. You need to either find a person willing to register the bike (Chinese = PRC ID Card / Foreigner = Passport with the right class of visa and additional supporting documents) or purchase the Ducati MTS-PP without the Shanghai plate / registration.

    I am not a subscriber to any social media as my time is very valuable, can't be bothered looking at or answer annoying incoming electronic messages all day long, leaving that to the hipsters and attention seekers... Email contact = and once sold and paid for in full, the email address will be taken out of service.

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  2. #2 Re: DUCATI Multistrada Pikes Peak (2012) 
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    china (Longkou), Hainan
    Hi, Butch......
    Looks like the Ducati is on the move as well, but will you keep that very special certificate you got when you purchased the bike.
    Anyway, who cares a shit.

    Honda Afcain Twin DCT cost the same price new inc taxs and plate, with 0 km.

    I know which one I would buy?

    See you on the road someday, I hope.
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    "Arguing on the Internet is like running in the Special Olympics, even if you win you're still retarded"
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