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    Great... I'm looking forward to seeing your indepth RR / review
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    Too bad we live so far apart. I'd like the opportunity to get together and ride/compare the Benelli, CF Moto and the CoLove.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonsims View Post
    I've had my MT for a few months.. 7,800KM.. So.. my gear position indicator would go crazy when in the wet.. This problem has sorted itself out.. Surprised about the gear lever snapping, it looks like a fairly heavy duty casting.. When I picked it up in Ningbo, the windscreen was short of a couple of mounting bolts.. So they took those off one in the showroom... I've not changed the longer lever, I have 46 sized feet (they seem to keep growing) and the lever is okay.. Gear changing can sometimes be very sticky.. I guess the selector forks need to run in................The stock rear boxes are good for a helmet each which is handy and they hook on and off well. They have also saved the bike as I have fallen over a few times (both sides) when at standstill or just maneuvering it. I must admit the alcohol may have something to do with this. Their stock bramble protectors for your hands that mount on the handlebars are crap.. They have a plastic arm that connects to the mirror.. This means if you tighten them down too much the plastic breaks and if you don't tighten them down the mirrors flop about all over the place.. So I made a couple of steel brackets.. Problem solved..
    The fuel level indicator has never worked on my bike.. AT 80km it reads empty which is really annoying.. So I have been zeroing the trip indicator each time I fuel up and then refilling at 250-300km.. (they say it has a 300km range). I've been bitching with the Ningbo shop about this and today they admitted there was a design fault which the factory is sorting out... HOWEVER.. I've been going over some frigging horrible roads just recently and it seems to have shocked the thing into working properly!.
    They've located the footpegs at least an inch too high so you're scrunched up a lot of the time. They could be up to 2" lower. Presently it's impossible to ground these out cornering and anyone who knows me knows I corner.......
    The most most most fucking dangerous thing about the bike is the Metzeler Road Tec rear tire.. They come standard with the bike.. The first tire split between the treads.. About 1" long.. Then a 16mm bolt lying on the road went right through the tread... 2,000km and the tire was a write off.. I put another Metzeler on the rear and it's also split between the threads.. Luckily I was turning at the junction. A slight POP and no air within a second.
    I've been riding bikes for a while, about 43 years and once I had run this one in and let the dog off the leash doing some serious cornering I could feel the bike was "all over the place".. The rubber on these metzelers is incredibly thin.. I mean incredibly thin, both in between the threads and also on the walls.. They must have engineered the crap out of these to get them so thin. The bottom line is they are fucking dangerous. If they haven't already killed someone, they will, 100%.. I really recommend you take your rear tires off and replace them with something more substantial.. If you want to stay alive...They are seriously dangerous.
    The good thing about the MT is it uses BOSCH electrics instead of the "ducati" crap that was on the previous MT bikes.
    I bought this bike because Doc coerced me into buying a 250 jetmax.. At 80K km it's still going strong, though a lot of bearings need replacing presently and the engine is either leaking oil or burning it.. The CF boys in Ningbo have moved to a new location and won't be able to do anything for me on this for 2 weeks or so.. But CF do make good bikes and the MT is going through some stupid teething problems.... So I'd rate it 8/10 for it is what it is..
    But for GODS SAKE, get rid of the metzeler on the back end...

    I just bought one and will receive in couple of weeks. I hope, some 4 years later the quality control is better and problems are solved. One of the reason's I bought the bike is the price but I also want reliability. On all the reviews on YT f.e. they are mostly positive.
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