Hmmm, decisions decisions... Regarding the fuel tanks. I actually just ordered a 3L and 5L one with rotapax style mounting(310 on taobao with clips), then refunded.. obviously on my bike I need to keep weight right down. I'm considering a 7 litre bag..180 yuan. Would be easier to store on the bike when not in use.. Just roll it up.... But I just can't imagine the people at the petrol stations in China agreeing to fill one of these up.

Plus.. Cue advice about my turning into a human fireball... China made.. Safe? Advisable? Does anyone use them? I saw an Aussie guy who crossed the desert there with a 20L similar bag.. But probably a foreign made one..


About the tent, well I found a light back-packer tent in decathalon..999 yuan a two man tent. As I'm traveling in spring/summer should be okay with a decent sleeping bag.