Just an update, I'm still planning this trip. Having met a fellow MCM forum member today, I may have a partner for the Journey. ..
Basically Chengdu- Xining via Kangding, Yushu, Tingri etc. Great. Just need to solve the oil eating problem. Also potential riding partner will sort out a Chinese license. Still concerned about the Shineray 250's reliability for such a trip.I'm concerned because it's carburated and of course that it's developed this oil problem after 5,000km of my riding it. It's been a good bike to do the few trips I've done- Beijing to Shanghaihttp://ww.mychinamoto.com/forums/sho...late-June-2017 or at my own blog https://www.mychinablog.com/hello-world/

My recent trip to Zhejiang for nine days...http://www.mychinamoto.com/forums/sh...-into-Zhejiang

and the mini adventure to Moganshan..http://www.mychinamoto.com/forums/sh...ight=moganshan