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  1. #1 Best oil to use in the UK 
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    So my bike takes 10w 40 what is the best Motorbike oil to use
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    The most over discussed motorcycle forum topic ever. Did you even try to google it? Just get something made for a motorcycle that fits your price range and enjoy riding. If you live in the cold, go with thinner oil 5w30, if you live in hot, go with someting thicker 20w50. If you live in the middle, go with 10w40. There's a little book that comes with your motorcycle called the owners manual, it will tell you what is best for your engine.
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    When I had my Honda CBF125 in Wales, UK (2014-2017) I looked into this. Even my reputable dealer said ANY 10w40 is good for a 4-stroke, just as long as you change it regularly, as per the User manual. Even said its fine to buy Halfords or Lidl's own brands just as long as it's changed every 2500 miles :-)

    Having ridden 2-strokes for years before I was kind of concerned. I have always used Silkolene and will continue to use branded i.e. Castrol, Rockoil or Idemitsu just for peace of mind.

    My Qingqi owners guide says I should use 15w40 for my Sinnis Apache 250cc. All their 125cc machines are listed as 10w40 or 15w40 viscosity. All are based on air temperature of the country/area you live & ride in. My manual describes Fahrenheit, not Celsius so you'll need to convert. It says

    15w40 - Range: -2F up to 104F+
    10w40 - range: -4F up to 104F+
    10w30 - range: -4F up to 86F
    5w30 - range: -22F up to 86F

    It also states that there are 4 (API classification) grades of oil, from high to low quality:-

    SD - lowest
    SG - highest grade/class

    It says all Qingqi 125 & 250 4-stroke engines should use SE or SF level which seems to suggest mid range, not lowest or highest.
    Also, to change every 3000km, which aligns with the 2500 miles recommended in the past for my Honda.

    Hope this helps.

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    Those words from Qingqi just the SAME as outdated Jap manual they copied from . There's NO SD, SE, SF from regular oil seller
    Play by the rule & buy those JASO T903 https://translate.googleusercontent....25E6%25A0%25BC certified MA/ MA2 bike oil if scares clutch slip
    For those don't buy that hoax regular cheapie 15W40 is fine <...fine to buy Halfords or Lidl's own brands...> | is good article.
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    you may use what is recommended in your owners manual...Change Oil Interval is more important...
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