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  1. #1 Track Days Fall 2017 
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    Aug 2017

    Kinda living in Shanghai atm. Hoping to checkout the track and see if there are any events. Checked the BG page and unfortunately, nothing until mid-September.

    Anyone else interested in checking out the track? I don't currently have a motorcycle in Shanghai...

    Doesn't seem to be too much going on on MCM any least as far as track days go.

    I know/figure the Chinese bikes are pieces of shit, but honestly, if a 250cc chinese bike gets me on the track without costing an arm and a leg (I guess safety is another thing but...), I'm willing to try it.

    Kind of a noob anyway, so not like I'm going to be knee-dragging around every corner.

    Anyway, cheers.
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    Apr 2016
    Hi you need to get down to Tianma track and check out whats going on, Ill be at the track on Saturday. We only have half an hour scheduled in the afternoon. The track days are open track for half an hour at a time, cars first then the bikes, Not ran anything like european or USA track days, last month was busy the track was open to us for several days but this month is really quiet. Next race is next month. If you are at the track and cannot speak Chinese just look for any foreigner everyone is friendly enough.
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