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  1. #1 200cc qingqi at help 
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    I have a 200cc CB style qingqi ATV that I got for free from a guy I bought a Jeep from. I figured I'd try to fix it and use it, but I'm having a hard time finding parts that fit. I have found a few but not enough. Ex. Gasket kit that actually fits. I was wondering if I could get some help making sure I properly identified my engine and if anyone has any places that they know sell parts for this engine. I'm trying to do a complete engine rebuild because it sat for 3 years and the cylinder was rusted to the piston head, I'm ordering a top end kit, I got new valves because the old ones were rusted shut, and I found a new carb, but I can't find anything else. Not a CDI, rectifier, ignition switch(previous owner broke the key in the switch), starter, plastics, gasket set, pick-up coil.
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    this is a Zongshen 200 ZS if I am nt wrong is a Zongshen 200 motor so very generic.
    CB125-250 is all much of a muchness and simular etc.
    Gaskets should be easy in China and so would be the other parts etc I could look to source and send what you need etc.
    Or search EBay for CB200 CB250 stuff
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