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  1. #1 200cc qingqi at help 
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    I have a 200cc CB style qingqi ATV that I got for free from a guy I bought a Jeep from. I figured I'd try to fix it and use it, but I'm having a hard time finding parts that fit. I have found a few but not enough. Ex. Gasket kit that actually fits. I was wondering if I could get some help making sure I properly identified my engine and if anyone has any places that they know sell parts for this engine. I'm trying to do a complete engine rebuild because it sat for 3 years and the cylinder was rusted to the piston head, I'm ordering a top end kit, I got new valves because the old ones were rusted shut, and I found a new carb, but I can't find anything else. Not a CDI, rectifier, ignition switch(previous owner broke the key in the switch), starter, plastics, gasket set, pick-up coil.
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    fuck off
    this is a Zongshen 200 ZS if I am nt wrong is a Zongshen 200 motor so very generic.
    CB125-250 is all much of a muchness and simular etc.
    Gaskets should be easy in China and so would be the other parts etc I could look to source and send what you need etc.
    Or search EBay for CB200 CB250 stuff
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    That engine and about all electronics are same as on my Bashan BS200S-3 atv. mine also have ZongShen engine at it, same type ZS169FML.

    all ignition parts at it are same as on many PitBike's. reg-rec is also common type among Gy5 150cc 200cc 250cc categoryes.

    on this type of ATV you can use also bashan Bs200-S7 digital tacho's.

    plenty of parts available, when you know where to look for.

    Bashan from all the ATV's using 169FML, is defenitely the Best most known good BRAND. for Bashan its most easy to find parts and offical Dealers. also easy to find free PDF's like parts list pdf's, W.S.M's etc Wiring-Diagrams.

    2nd most common clone to BS200S-3 is Shineray ATV StixeII 200cc.

    others are Mainly Re-Branded and more difficult to deal with....

    When searching engine parts, it also helps to use "CG200" name-code, for the more Generic usable engine parts, like engine gasket kits......
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    Weirdo 69mm CB200 had minor difference btw the chonda
    Piston is 17mm pin

    Measures 1st b4 order anything. Some stamped 69 is a 63.5!!!
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