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  1. #11 Re: CFMOTO-KTM joint venture officially established! 
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    Quote Originally Posted by a_steel View Post

    first result of CFMoto-KTM joint venture? anyone heard anything else? Prince666?

    Hi Mr Steel

    This news was released on CFMoto WeChat account on the 12th December also information on other new products for 2018.
    Due to me being away in Thailand just now I missed this, sorry,

    I am hoping that maybe the new KTM 790 ADV bike will be made in China now.
    Over the next year we will be seeing a lot more new bikes from CFMoto due to this "Joint Venture "

    For us in China its a "WIN, WIN, WIN" IMO

    With the TR-G getting 10 new upgrades (no news on what there are) but the price remains the same.
    Which is a first in the Motorbike Business?

    The 10 upgrades are good, but the most surprising is that although 10 features are upgraded, Cfmoto or hold down the impulse to price increases, sincere feedback car friends love, 650tr-g prestige version of the price remains unchanged, the real increase in quantity does not increase!
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