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  1. #21 Re: Best Cities for Bike Culture 
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    Zibo, Shandong - Sometimes SW England
    Quote Originally Posted by prince666 View Post
    Ha Ha Ha
    You don't post much but when you do you just post a load of shit.
    As I post more shit than you and keep the fucking site alive so back off.

    Was not just talking about "roads" if you care to read my post again
    So do your job as a "moderate" and stop inciting trouble
    Now what a BAN again Ha Ha Ha
    Prince's motorcycle chat-board. Listen to Prince's opinion on everything, learn from Prince. Everyone new must learn from Prince, everyone else must defer to Prince or be talked down to by Prince. Prince has been everywhere and ridden every road in China and knows every bike. If you think you've ridden on a good road, but Prince hasn't been on it, it doesn't exist. If you think a city has a fledgling motorcycle culture it isn't real unless Prince has been there and seen it. If you've had problems with a make and brand of bike then they are all lemons according to Prince, even with anecdotal evidence of one. If you know something Prince doesn't then you are wrong. All posters are assumed to be clueless noobs unless personally pre-validated by Prince. There'd be so few posts if not for Prince, that makes him the King of the message boards.
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  2. #22 Re: Best Cities for Bike Culture 
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    china (Longkou), Hainan
    Shit, I think I worked it out.


    In the last year, 30 Threads started by me ( With over 50.000 views)
    And 1 started by you?
    With over 400 posts by me this year alone.
    Compared to your measly 20
    Which is very contemptible on your part IMO

    Would never have considered that was the reason.

    Just cut all the shit and add me to your ignore button you should be able to work that one out, will do everyone a favour.
    And that goes for any another member who consider my Threads, comments not worthy of your eyes.

    Just tried to Block you. (Sorry ZMC888 is a moderator/admin and you are not allowed to ignore him or her.) more Bullshit again

    last words on this matter from me
    Have a good day Teacher.
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    "Arguing on the Internet is like running in the Special Olympics, even if you win you're still retarded"
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