If anyone is interested, or you know someone, pm me and I'll give you the contact information of the hiring manager. See the job posting below. This is in the community where I lived when I was in China. They are somewhat desperate right now as one teacher is leaving next week for his winter home in Mexico and the replacement teacher collapsed on his way to board the plane to Beijing and is now in hospital in Canada (hence the emphasis on "good Health" in the job requirements).

Job Announcement: ESL Teacher for Preschool / Kindergarten Class
School Name: Heritage Community School, House of I
Elite community school in northwest Beijing mountain town is seeking a good-natured, energetic, creative, responsible ESL teacher for intimate, forward-thinking preschool/kindergarten class.
Applicant must have:
• Chinese business visa or work permit (student and tourist visas are not sufficient)
• English as their first and primary language (Canadian, American, British preferred)
• 1-3 years experience in English language teaching
• Experience teaching small children (education/experience in early childhood development a plus)
• Proven ability to develop effective curriculum for young children
• Ability and experience in creating, organizing and hosting child- and family-oriented events
• Flexible and fun-loving attitude with children, parents, teachers and community
• Good communication skills
• Attention to detail
• Ability to work well in a diverse team
• Good health and must be 25-60 years old; male/female both welcome
• No criminal record
• Current residence in China, preferably Beijing area
• Willingness to experience one test day of classroom interaction before accepting/being accepted for the position
About the School: Situated at the foot of a mountain in a beautiful, nature-oriented, high-end residential community, the Heritage Community School serves families committed to the highest standard of living and education for their children. Students’ ages are from 3 to 6 years old, and class size is very small, with two Chinese assistants for each class.
The school offers a unique experience of “East Meets West,” and focuses on developing the whole, balanced child—mind, body, spirit. Chinese faculty teach Chinese Classics, poetry, Tai Chi, health & cleanliness, traditional culture and other Eastern subjects.
Western teachers reflect the Waldorf philosophy, focusing on English language learning through speaking, writing, music, drawing, nature experiences, simple math, sensory learning and creative expression. For a portion of each school year, multi-cultural experiences and education are provided by visiting Western leaders in the community. The Five Guiding Principles of the Heritage Community School are cooperation, forgiveness, gratitude, helping and love. Our goal is to help our children develop into healthy, positive, successful people.
Job Requirements:
• Full-time, Monday through Friday
• Class time 3-5pm daily
• Self-directed daily prep time
• Preparation and submission of daily reports
• Preparation and submission of weekly and monthly plans
• Participation in teacher and parent meetings
• Creation, organization and hosting of child- and family-oriented events
• Other activities as needed

• Shared housing / private room accommodations in Western-style home
• Two meals per day at nearby restaurant
• Free shuttle transportation to/from Yanqing (40 minutes from community of Jackson Hole)
• Monthly salary (to be discussed after interview)