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  1. #1 My strange motor 
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    Here's the motor I made using 244 and 253 parts.

    The head is from an AJS Regal Raptor 125 engine (DD125E) because it has bigger inlet ports than most 244 engines. I guess it's something particular to AJS because all the other 125 heads I've seen have smaller inlets. I think the 125 head on the 250 pistons makes it slightly higher compression.

    The barrel is from a 253FMM that has been shortened by around 15mm to work with the shorter con rods of the 244 crank, and the pistons are YX140. I had to grind out the engine cases a little bit so the 253 barrel would fit into the Jinlun 125 bottom end. I changed the crank from a 180 to a 360 so I could use the 253FMM cam and a single PZ27 carb.

    I was unable to fit a front cam chain guide so I just left it out but everything works fine.

    What I end up with is somewhere around 200cc. I am currently using 428 chain with an 18t front sprocket and 28t rear sprocket on an 18" rear wheel. This seems to be about right for the gearing on this bike. I have only been using this engine for a few days but it seems to run very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzts250 View Post
    ... from an AJS Regal Raptor 125 engine (DD125E) because it has bigger inlet ports than most 244 ...
    cuz good old domestic version is a beefed-up 150 Downsize the head to 125 spec is not economical for such small market (ie. the EU spec)
    Welcome to the mad house!!!
    so called 125

    so called 150


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